• The Bard of Brexit

    Letter to Parliament

    Magnum Concilium, as long ago You had been styled, when William made great show At London, Gloucestershire, and Winchester, Of your assemblies, noble ancestor Of what is now a squalid den of thieves That, without shame, the people’s will aggrieves, The vision of your pageants when the king, With England’s crown upon his head, would bring From forest palace to a midland town The pomp of your processions of renown, When round the sovereign throne the bishops stood, And gaunt-faced abbots of the ashen hood, Pillars of learning with their book-worn eyes, Whose looks were as grave as their souls were wise, The prelates in their gold-spun copes and clasps, The crimson robes, the whole inspiring gasps Of admiration and of filial fear, To think that God should speak through men so near,…