The Swallows of La Ciénega

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For Elizabeth La Ciénega slept on a muted afternoon At old Las Golodrinas, when I spied a nest Of swallows beneath the age-worn latias, hewn By a hand that [...]

Review of Helen Palma’s Selected Poems from Baudelaire’s “Les Fleur du Mal”

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By Joseph Charles MacKenzie Two arts are beautifully displayed in Helen Palma’s Selected Poems from Baudelaire’s Les Fleur du Mal (Pivot Press, New York, 2014). The first and most [...]

A Love Poem on Marriage – From “Sonnets for Christ the King”

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Sonnet XXVII For Elizabeth As kindly cottonwoods around us rise, Entwining wistful melodies of green, We walk beneath our shade-entangled skies Through gothic vaulting, hand in hand, [...]