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The MacKenzie Lyric Poetry logo you see in this website's header is based on a lyre-and-laurels ornament in the Palais Garnier in Paris, also known as the Paris Opera. Joseph Charles MacKenzie selected this design to honor Elizabeth, his wife and muse, who particularly enjoys the Palais Garnier when visiting Paris with her poet husband.

Influence of Early Greek Lyrics

Joseph Charles MacKenzie has read the ancient lyric verse of Greece in the original Greek, including Alcman, Sappho, Alcaeus, Anacreon, Stesichorus, and Pindar. The study of Greek meters has given MacKenzie's poetry a special musicality. The Latins word for this quality is "lyricus," or "lyric," referring to the lyre poets used to accompany themselves in the singing of their verses.

The Sonnet – A Catholic Invention

Giacomo da Lentini, a 13th-century poet, invented the sonnet in the service of Holy Roman Emperor Frederick II, a crusading king whose fine Catholic education and intellectual acumen sparked the "Sicilian Renaissance." Frederick's vibrant court included astronomers, philosophers, mathematicians, artists, and musicians from many lands both east and west. The form of the sonnet arose from two sources: Plato's dialogue entitled the Timeus, and Fibonacci's number sequence. The Sicilian court of Frederick II produced some 300 sonnets, including those of the king himself.

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SONNETS FOR CHRIST THE KING – Deluxe 2CD Set – Performed by English Actor Ian Russell


It’s here! A breathtaking sequence of seventy-seven sonnets—poetry that is beautiful, meaningful, and true. This 2-CD set marks the triumph of traditional lyric verse over yesterday’s establishment so-called “poetry.” 

The traditional English sonnet literally disappeared during modernism’s 60-year reign of terror in which all classical poetry was suppressed. Only a small handful of poets remain in the world who are able to produce sonnets using Shakespeare’s form in its original purity.

But the release of the Sonnets for Christ the King in audio marks a victory for spoken word poetry, thanks to British actor Ian Russell whose princely English accent is both manly and affable—perfect for these poems.

An infallible gift for friends and loved ones, Sonnets for Christ the King is also a stolen pleasure you give to yourself—some of the most beautiful lyric verse ever composed.

Set forth on a dramatic pilgrimage—your own—as you begin a spiritual journey culminating in the greatest act of love of all, the passion and death of Jesus Christ our King and Savior. Buy this magnificent recording today!

Product Description

Disc 1

1 – Gradus ad Parnassum
2 – Rosary Procession
3 – Doña Consuelo Hernandez – The Last Sacristana of La Conquistadora
4 – Edward the Confessor
5 – For Elizabeth
6 – El Castillo Interior
7 – Before St. Luke’s Icon of the Blessed Virgin in Santa Maria Maggiore
8 – Meditation
9 – For Christ Our King
10 – De Oratione Beatae Gertrudis Virginis
11 – Song of the Magi
12 – Death Comes for the City of Santa Fe
13 – Ascension
14 – Pentecost
15 – Veni Sancte Spiritus
16 – Timor Dei
17 – Pietas
18 – Fortitudo
19 – Scientia
20 – Intellectus
21 – Consilium
22 – Sapientia
23 – For Elizabeth on the Poet’s Ninth Wedding Anniversary
24 – Love Unconfessed
25 – Ode to Autumn
26 – Our Lady of Ransom
27 – For Elizabeth
28 – Regnum Meum Non Est De Hoc Mundo
29 – Roses, Violets, Lilies
30 – In Officio Exsequarium
31 – Cor, Os, Operatio
32 – Cuius Regio Eius Religio
33 – Saint Denis Priez Pour Nous
34 – Adventus I – Erunt Signa in Sole
35 – Adventus II – Stirps Jesse Virgam Produxit
36 – Adventus III – Ego Vox Clamantis in Deserto
37 – Adventus IV – Terrena Cuncta Jubilent

Disc 2

38 – The Adoration of the Shepherds
39 – The Holy Innocents
40 – For Holy Purity
41 – Gifts of the Magi
42 – Love False
43 – Love True
44 – The Finding
45 – The Baptism of Christ
46 – The Wine of Cana
47 – The Even of St. Agnes
48 – Return of the Sandhill Cranes to the Bosque del Apache
49 – The Parable of the Hours
50 – Gloriabor in Infermitatibus Meis
51 – Valentine for Elizabeth
52 – To Certain Players Reciting Shakespeare’s Sonnets on the 400th Anniversary of the Poet’s Death
53 – Darkness: A Burning
54 – The Peacock
55 – The Pelican
56 – Los Padres Misioneros – For the Priests of Our New Mexico Mission
57 – On a Bodegón of Zurbarán
58 – Ego Sum
59 – Ode to Spring
60 – Loquor Vobis Et Non Creditis
61 – The Anointing
62 – Ennui
63 – Hosanna Filio David
64 – First Station – Christ is Condemned to Death
65 – Second Station – The Cross Is Laid Upon Christ
66 – Third Station – Christ Falls the First Time under the Cross
67 – Fourth Station – The Blessed Virgin and St. John Meet Christ
68 – Fifth Station – The Cross Is Laid Upon Simon of Cyrene
69 – Sixth Station – Christ Is Met By Veronica
70 – Seventh Station – Christ Falls Down at the Gate of Judgment
71 – Eight Station – The Women Lament over Christ
72 – Ninth Station – Christ Falls for the Last Time at Mount Calvary
73 – Tenth Station – Christ Is Given Vinegar and Gall to Drink
74 – Eleventh Station – Christ Is Fastened to the Cross with Dreadful Nails
75 – Twelfth Station – Christ Dies upon the Cross
76 – Thirteenth Station – The Body of Christ Is Laid upon the Knees of His Mother
77 – Fourteenth Station – The Body of Christ Is Placed in the Sepulcher


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