Reveries by Joseph Charles MacKenzie
Love Poems


Spirits of old, who made for me a bed
Of the fourth month’s grass in the lilac’s shade,
Where poplars, proud as kings, across a glade
Of care-free light their gentle shadows spread,

You let me slumber with the deathless dead,
In my tent of leaves, before the world forbade
The dove’s return, and drifting time betrayed
The farewell phantoms of my thought-crowned head.

And yet, O spirits, mine is not to feign
Sad moaning of your adieux. Let us part,
And leave to kind oblivion its take

Of what was meant to fade, that we remain,
Beyond lost reveries of lyric art,
My love and I, to live life’s dream awake.

Joseph Charles MacKenzie is a traditional lyric poet of New Mexico. On February 1, 2020, he won the Society of Classical Poets Competition, taking First Place in the Best of 2019 category. He is also the only American to have won the Scottish International Poetry Competition (see: Times Literary Supplement, Jan 27, 2017). A Pushcart Prize nominee, MacKenzie's verses have appeared in The New York Times, The Scotsman (Edinburgh), The Independent (London), The Telegraph (London), and many other venues. He wirtes primarily for Trinacria (New York) and the Society of Classical Poets (New York).

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