Muslims Rioting Paris
Sonnets for Christ the King

Saint Denis, Priez Pour Nous!

“Montjoie Saint Denis!”  The cry of times past
Is heard no more upon the Martyrs’ Hill:
The people have expelled their faith at last
And demons fall on Paris for the kill.

The regicidal nation now endures
The Terror she rained down on Christian souls;
The city of Saint Louis teems with Moors
And France’s name is struck from Honor’s rolls.

No knees remain to bend, nor hands to fold,
In prayer among the tombs of France’s kings:
The great basilica stands dark and cold,
Bereft of angels and their guardian wings;

For, here, where sects and antipopes hold sway,
Are left for Huns but other Huns to slay.


St. Denis : Bishop of Paris and martyr, sent by Pope St. Fabian (236-250) into Gaul for its conversion.

“Montjoie, Saint Denis!” : Battle cry of the French forces during the Crusades.

Martyrs Hill : Latin Mons Martyrium, (French “Montmartre”) where many Christians were martyred in the 3rd century, including St. Denis, patron of Paris.

regicidal nation : The French Republic whose revolutionary origins include the murder of the Très Chrétien Roi de la France, Louis XVI.

sects and antipopes : The demonic, false religion of Vatican II and its invalid hierarchy.

Joseph Charles MacKenzie is a traditional lyric poet of New Mexico. He is First Place winner of the Scottish International Poetry Competition (Times Literary Supplement, Jan 27, 2017) and a Pushcart Prize nominee. His verses have appeared in The New York Times, The Scotsman (Edinburgh), The Independent (London), US News and World Report, Google News, and many other outlets. He writes for Trinacria (New York) and the Society of Classical Poets (New York).

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