Nuestra Señora de la Luz de Sevilla
Sonnets for Heaven's Queen

Speculum Justitiae

No, not the dull reflection of a thought,
Or earthly equity’s analogy—
Our similes with fallacies are fraught,
And all our words invite apology—

No shallow surface echoing the light
Of forms ideal, or perfection’s ape,
Or changing moons diffusing to the night
The daystar’s beam, or virtue’s empty shape.

If mirror, then a mirror that emits
Not only justice, but the one true Just;
A mirror in which all of heaven fits,
A glass we see but darkly in, yet trust.

Such that, when each beheld the other’s face,
Both saw the visage of unending grace.

From Sonnets for Heaven’s Queen © Joseph Charles MacKenzie. All rights reserved.

Winner of the 2020 Society of Classical Poets Competition (America's highest honor in classical verse), Joseph Charles MacKenzie is a traditional lyric poet of New Mexico. He is also the only American to have won the Scottish International Poetry Competition (see: Times Literary Supplement, Jan 27, 2017). A Pushcart Prize nominee, MacKenzie's verses have appeared in The New York Times, The Scotsman (Edinburgh), The Independent (London), The Telegraph (London), and many other venues. He wirtes primarily for Trinacria (New York) and the Society of Classical Poets (New York).

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